I’m Ashley Sorensen, yoga teacher + cyclical living mentor. Learn more about my personal cycle healing + yoga journey by clicking the button below.

Yoga + Cyclical Mentorship to transform your menstrual cycle health + create a more balanced, harmonious life

Your source for all things yoga + cyclical living for balanced menstrual cycles, healthy habits, less stress, + embracing the divine feminine.

ways to work with me

You Yoga – Private Yoga

Personalized yoga on your schedule, your terms, and from the comfort of your own home. This package provides one-on-one guidance to create a lifelong supportive yoga practice. You’ll feel more energized, more at-home in your body, and more capable to deal with everyday stress – not to mention also feeling stronger and more flexible, with increased stamina + balance. This offer is a combination of live classes over Zoom + additional recorded content as needed.

Cycle Glow-Up

Jump-start your cycle healing journey with this 5-week foundational program. More information coming soon.

Cyclical Yoga Membership

Essential practices for healthy menstrual cycles. Harness the healing powers of yoga to balance + heal your menstrual cycle. Through weekly yoga practices, meditations, journaling exercises, and lifestyle tips, you’ll create pain-free, regular periods, less pms, deeper connection to yourself, and less daily stress. This offer is a monthly membership – a combination of recorded weekly content + resources, daily live group support + community connection , and occasional live gatherings.


High touch, 3 month, private program designed to teach you everything you need to know about your cycle, build a lifelong supportive yoga practice, and heal the patriarchal wound as you embrace your divine feminine side.

my mission

My mission is to empower all women + menstruators with the necessary knowledge, skills, and support to naturally heal + balance their menstrual cycles, find relief from PMS, feel more connected + at-home in their bodies, and feel capable to deal with life’s daily stress.  As cyclical beings, we have a powerful innate wisdom mirrored throughout all of nature. My mission is to guide menstruators to understand, accept, and harness this cyclical wisdom so that they can create more balance, harmony, and health in their lives. My personal experiences of struggling to heal my menstrual cycle, find a better alternative to hormonal contraception, build healthy, long-lasting habits, and tap into my confidence + self-love, have taught me how deeply important and needed this work truly is. I believe our cycles are a deeply connected part of us and when we tap into this wisdom, we become more fulfilled versions of ourselves.

Check out the Cyclical Yoga Podcast on Spotify for *hours* of educational content, entertaining stories from my personal cycle healing journey, and a big ol’ dose of Ashley!

Healing your cycle doesn’t have to be complicated. Let’s chat + find the perfect offer for you.