Energy Flow Yoga is the home of yoga + cyclical wisdom for a more pleasurable period, aligned energy, + more ease in life.

You’ve been taught that painful periods + unmanageable PMS are just part of life when you have a menstrual cycle. You’ve been taught to suffer through this pain, to push through it, to put yourself last, and to stay silent.

But now there is a growing movement of women + menstruators taking back control over their bodies and lives, learning how to best care for themselves as cyclical beings, and slowly but steadily, learning to put their health + wellbeing first.

When you are ready to move from ⤵️
Painful periods,

…To instead creating ⤵️
Pleasurable periods,
PMS-free cycles,
Abundant energy,
Blossoming confidence,
More ease in life.
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Check out The Cyclical Yoga Podcast to learn about all things cycles + yoga! This is an incredible free resource to help you get started in healing your cycle + embracing cyclical wisdom in your life!

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“Perfection is found in accepting your imperfections.

Bridgett Devoue