Spacious Thoughts Meditation
Spacious Thoughts Meditation Hello yogis. This meditation is designed to give you a little space …
Intuition Connection Meditation
Intuition Connection Meditation Find a quiet, comfy place to sit or lie down for this …
45 min Yin + Intention Setting
Yin + Intention Setting – 5/11 – New Moon
45 min Deep Stretch
Deep Stretch + Manifestation Meditation – 4/28 – Full Moon
Deep Sleep Meditation – Open the Door to Sweet Dreams
Mindfulness Meditation – Breathe into this Present Moment
Yin Deep Stretch & Letting Go Meditation
Yin Deep Stretch & Letting Go Meditation – 3/13
FREE Stress Relief Meditation & Deep Stretch
Sometimes we just need a little relief from all the craziness in the world and …
Two Day Deep Stretch & Meditation
Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021 Day 1 – Deep Stretch & Letting Go Meditation. December 31, …