the high-touch, private, 3 month program to create…

  • 🩸Pleasurable periods + PMS relief
  • ⚡Access aligned, abundant energy
  • 🔥Boost badass confidence
  • 🌊Find more flow + ease in life!

Your menstrual cycle is an inherently powerful part of you.
But, you haven’t been taught how to use it.

Instead, you’ve been taught that your cycle is just too confusing, problematic, mysterious, or just downright shameful.

You’ve been taught that your cycle is something to be manipulated, controlled, or hidden.

But having a menstrual cycle is not a problem. Nothing has gone wrong.
Your cycle is the result of 1000s of years of evolutionary wisdom, culminating in your unique experience.

The problem is simply that you weren’t taught how to understand or use it.

When you understand how your menstrual cycle works, how it affects your brain and body throughout the month, and how you can take advantage of it — it’s like flipping on the switch in your brain that automatically makes life easier.

And that’s exactly what I help you do in MOON FLOW.

When you understand the science of your cycle, how to build cyclical habits, and embody your personal, real-life experience, you’ll not only change your cycle health, you’ll change your entire life.

After MOON FLOW, you will have the knowledge + tools you need to :
🩸 Create healthy, pain-free periods
😌 Find relief from PMS for good
⚡ Access more abundant energy
💃 Feel confident + connected in your body
….and that’s just the beginning.

After MOON FLOW, you will be able to confidently say, “I know what’s best for me, in regards to my cycle and anything else, AND, I have the knowledge to back it up.”

You joined this community because you are ready to take the next step.
You are ready…
💚 To better understand your body.
💚 To feel more connected with your menstrual cycle.
💚 To build more confidence in your health + life decisions.
💚 To welcome more ease + flow into your life.
💚 To more fully see, understand, and accept yourself.

Having a menstrual cycle is truly a gift, but when you’re struggling against it, it’s damn near impossible to see it that way.

It’s time to take back your power, educate yourself, and take advantage of the beautiful gift that is your menstrual cycle.

Take your first step toward changing your cycle + your life by booking a Consult Call.

In this call, you’ll get super clear about where your current menstrual cycle health stands, why any current issues may be arising, and where your relationship with your cycle might be affecting other areas of your life.

We’ll then work together to develop a personalized 3 step plan so you can start taking action! This plan is going to empower you with the clear steps you can take to start transforming your cycle and your life. We’ll also discuss the MOON FLOW program + how I can best support your healing journey.

After this call, you’ll feel super clear about where your current cycle health stands, empowered with a straightforward plan so you can start to take action, and held knowing that this plan is personalized to exactly meet your needs and support you along your journey.

Your cycle is a beautiful, powerful, wise part of you – she’s just waiting for you to come back home.

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