Private Library – Rose Borden

Hello beautiful Rose 🥰 Welcome to your Private Recorded Class Library.

Classes are organized in chronological order and labeled by date, ideal phase, and a brief description.

Week 1 : transitioning from Menstrual Phase –> Follicular Phase , Yoga – Medium intensity Vinyasa style

Week 2 : transitioning from Follicular Phase –> moving into Ovulatory Phase, Yoga – Medium intensity Vinyasa, Embrace Summer energy

Week 3 : post Ovulatory –> embracing Luteal “nesting” vibes, Yoga – Slow start Vinyasa Flow

Week 4 : nearing the end of Luteal Phase, Yoga – Yin style deep stretch

Week 5 : Cycle Day 5, period slowly ending, Yoga – slow movement + deep stretch

Week 6 : Ending Follicular phase –> moving into Ovulatory Phase, Yoga – medium intensity Vinyasa flow

Week 7 : moving into Luteal Phase. Yoga – Vinyasa flow into deep, full body stretch

Week 8 : nearing the end of Luteal Phase, Yoga – slow awakening, medium Vinyasa flow

Week 9 : Cycle day 35, extended cycle. Yoga – Vinyasa flow, medium high intensity

Week 10 : Cycle day 4, low-medium energy. Yoga – slow-medium pace, relaxing

Intuition Connection Visualization. Revisit this meditation/visualization anytime you’re craving clarity about your next step and want to connect to your intuitive voice within.

Week 11 : Cycle day 11, post trauma response, feeling very up + down with focus + energy, Yoga – restorative, shoulder/neck relief.

Week 12 : Cycle day 18, super high energy a few days ago. Yoga – 35 min, gently energizing Vinyasa flow

Grounding Meditation. Revisit this meditation whenever you need a moment of peace, quiet, grounding, and connection.

Week 13 : Cycle day 6, “I guess I’m awake”. Yoga – 30 min, slow awakening + deep stretch

Week 14 : Cycle day 20, highest energy few days ago, not feeling as much up + down energy as cycles past. Yoga – 10 min, check-in + gentle awakening for the day!

Deep Sleep Meditation. Revisit this meditation when you’re ready to settle in for a deep, relaxing night of sleep.