The 4 Phases Workshop

Welcome to the 4 Phases Workshop replay!!

Below please find the recording + presentation resources.

Understanding the science of your cycle is the first step toward creating more pleasurable periods, finding relief from PMS, and building better cyclical and overall health.

This workshop gives you the foundational first step toward better understanding your menstrual cycle and how you can use this knowledge in your life.

But learning all the science is just the first step! The second step is building the habit of more deeply connecting with your personal experience of your cycle and learning how to honor your cyclical needs.

When you understand both the science AND how to connect with your inner wisdom, you can create incredibly pleasurable periods, forget PMS as a thing of the past, and tap into more abundant energy + badass confidence — that’s what this work is all about!

To get started creating the menstrual cycle and life of your dreams, schedule a CYCLE CHECK-UP Call. In this free, 1 on 1, 45 minute call with me, you’ll get a clear picture of where your current menstrual health stands and how that’s affecting your cycle, energy, and confidence.

We’ll then work together to create a personalized 3 step plan so you can start to take action today to find relief from painful cycle issues and start using your menstrual cycle to your advantage!

And now, please enjoy the workshop and get started honoring your cycle!

4 Phases Workshop by Ashley Sorensen

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