Work with your Cycle Masterclass

Welcome to the Work with your Cycle Masterclass Replay Center + Virtual Gift Bag

Below you’ll find all of the resources from the Work with your Cycle Masterclass including the live class replay, Womb Connection Meditation, 4 phase cheat sheets, cycle tracking calendars, as well as additional cycle friendly resources!

Time Stamps :
About me -4:10, Live Womb Connection Meditation – 7:35, 4 Foundations Intro – 16:15, Sleep – 17:45, Stress – 22:55, Nutrition – 28:45, Movement 37:55, 4 Foundations Review – 44:28, Cycle Sex Ed – 47:18, Anatomical Diagrams – 48:00, Hormones – 52:45, 4 Phases Basics Science – 58:40, 4 Phases Basics Energetics – 1:05:51, 4 Phases Review – 1:11:50, Cycle Tracking – 1:21:20, Questions – 1:33:45 (cycle tracking, tracking cervical mucus, basal body temperature, cyclical migraines, ovulatory pain) Work with your Cycle – 2:04:14, Harness your Cycle – 2:05:05, Optimize Cycle Habits – 2:17:35, Yoga + your Cycle – 2:34:12, All about the Private MOON FLOW Program – 2:38:08

Click the links below to download printable pdf versions of all 4 documents shown above.

Womb Connection Meditation – find a comfy seated position or relax in savasana before getting started.

When you’re ready to take all of this knowledge and start putting it to use in your life, the MOON FLOW Program is here for you!

MOON FLOW is a 100 day private yoga + cyclical mentorship program – 100 days to pleasurable periods, aligned energy, + feeling more confident in your skin.

If you are ready to :
create pleasurable periods for life
find relief from cycle issues
build strong, lifelong habits that support all of you
create a deeper, more powerful connection to all of you

Get started with a free CYCLE CHECK-UP Call.

This is a private, no-strings attached call where we’ll dive into what is currently going on in your cycle, address why any issues may be arising, and set you up with a personalized 3 step plan.

You’ll leave this call feeling empowered, clear, and confident that you better understand your cycle, what you can do to create better cycle health, and your clear next steps. And if it feels like a good fit, we’ll also discuss the MOON FLOW Program and how to move forward.

Whether or not you ultimately decide to sign up for MOON FLOW, you’ll leave that call feeling really clear about how you can start creating the healthy cycles of your dreams and clear next steps for moving forward!

Tune in to the Cyclical Yoga Podcast on Spotify (and Anchor) to learn about all things menstrual cycles, yoga, and how to harness cyclical living.

Presentation Materials – peruse + revisit the slides that you need!

Work with your Cycle Masterclass by Ashley Sorensen

Additional Resources :
Check out your beauty + household products for hormonal + environmental safety –
Cyclical Skincare – Hart Skincare, IG @hartskincare
Cycle Friendly Teas – Soulful Tea Blends, IG @soulfulteablends
Period tracking app that Karyna mentioned – Stardust: Period Tracker

Books you might want to check out:
“How the Pill Changes Everything : Your brain on birth control” by Dr. Sarah E. Hill
“The Fifth Vital Sign” by Lisa Hendrickson-Jack
“In the Flo” by Alisa Vitti
“Taking Charge of your Fertility” by Toni Weschler, MPH

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